Ernst Licht is a leading traditional Bavarian German clothing store. We offer a full range of traditional clothing and Oktoberfest accessories and costumes. These are all inspired by the various cultural regions of Germany. We make sure we are preserving the heritage and style of German traditional clothing. Ernst Licht has sourced its design from the Bavarian and Alpine regions. This has provided an authentic tracht feel to meet all your Oktoberfest outfit and costume needs.

Therefore, high-quality fabrics and embroidery provide a modern comfort to all dirndl and lederhosen costumes. Our traditional German clothing store provides a head-to-toe look for Oktoberfest and beyond. Choose the one that best fits your individual taste and style! Moreover, these are all at competitive prices to best complement your clothing selection. For women, we offer vibrant and colorful German dirndl dresses and Oktoberfest dirndls to suit your personality.

We also have plus-size dirndl dresses, and our designs feature unique colors and fabrics for all skirts, blouses and aprons. The entire collection was inspired by rich cultural German traditions. Therefore, this provides the most authentic dirndl in the USA! In addition, traditional German earrings, necklaces, apron pins and other authentic jewelry are available. These will complement your choice of German clothing.

We also have plenty of accessories to offer! Ernst Licht has designed fine German Oktoberfest items, such as Oktoberfest dirndls and Oktoberfest lederhosen. All these products are imprinted with the rich heritage of Germany. This way, the real festive spirit of Oktoberfest is felt with every wear! We serve some of the best Bavarian dirndl dress and lederhosen outfits. We even have Oktoberfest costumes in the perfect blend of quality and fashion! Get in touch.

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All Rights Reserved. My Account Wishlist Checkout. Your name. Your email. Email To Friend. Please login to continue: Please click here Login.Fusc is a Berlin-based fashion and jewellery label working with upcycled materials. The pair bonded over their affinity for unusual materials and this aesthetic plays into their work. They upcycle secondhand clothing and materials to create edgy jewellery and fashion. Bobby Kolade is part of an emerging trend of young German fashion designers who are dedicated to creating and promoting sustainable eco-fashion.

Kolade also uses fashion to make political statements, and he famously designed a sweater with a bold image of a collapsed textile factory in Bangladesh. The label is run entirely out of Berlin, with its concept, creation and production all taking place at a studio in the city; they also source their raw materials locally. SinceMunich -based Antonia Zander has been the designer behind the cashmere label originally founded by her mother in the early s.

Throughout the years, the philosophy behind the family-owned label has remained the same: the highest standards of quality, luxurious materials, a fresh approach to knitwear and laid-back, subtle patterns. This label is one for sophisticated bohemians, hippies and modern nomads.

German— Nigerian designer Buki Akomolafe, founded her signature label, also called Buki Akomolafe, in After her successful graduation, Anna decided to relocate to London to continue her studies at Kingston University London and gaining an MA in Fashion.

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Her collections show an excellent understanding of colour, prints and materials and bring in a playful sense of style. Not shying away from bold colours and prints, Anna blends these with padded elements to create a unique feminine silhouette for the independent woman of today. SinceMarco Scaiano has lived and worked in Berlinand his designs blend the worlds of art and fashion.

German idioms you really shouldn't take literally - Meet the Germans

His design aesthetic is clean yet bold, often playing with cuts and shapes to create truly unique pieces. The designer for the enormously successful Lala Berlin brand, Leyla Piedayesh is known for her effortless, cool aesthetic. She incorporates slouchy, chunky knits, bright ethnic-inspired patterns and boxy silhouettes to create a fresh, dynamic look perfect for reflecting the aesthetic of the urban space. Piedayesh reflects the fleeting flamboyant chic of Berlin in new ways with her distinctive and feminine collections.

Select currency. Europe Germany. The country boasts an enormous number of creative legends, up-and-coming designers and home-grown talent. Damaris Moos and Rosa Hirn. Bobby Kolade. Antonia Zander. Jil Sander. Buki Akomolafe. Anna Jannicke. Marco Scaiano. Leyla Piedayesh. Read Next.Save today! Always great values at germanimporthaus. We are proud to offer you quality traditional German Bavarian Oktoberfest clothing, gifts, imports and souvenirs here at German Import Haus.

Shop our online store for a large selection of authentic German and Bavarian clothing and gifts. Our German dirndl dresses and lederhosen costume outfits are available in assorted colors and styles and are great for your Maifest, Germanfest, Sommerfest, Oktoberfest, and Halloween costume party.

We have dirndls and lederhosen for sale for your entire family. Oktoberfest is celebrated across the world and you can see people dressed in their authentic dirndls and traditional Oktoberfest lederhosen also known as German leather shorts.

As part of the celebration and throughout the year we specialize and offer these traditional German outfits to you in the USA. Quality is of great importance to us so we make sure we only carry the very best. We are proud to offer low prices to you, our valued customer. Come on in and browse our online store.

Please wait Sign in or Create an account. Our Favorite German and Bavarian Products. Domenica 3pc set Navy Marjo. Ella Susan Blouse. Feather Pin with pheasant emblem FEA Newly Added Gifts, Souvenirs and More. Antique Brown Goat Lederhosen with suspenders Sam. Altbayerisch Goat Lederhosen with suspenders. Don't Miss These Great Deals! Elaine Maria Blouse. Childs Alpine Green Hat wool.The retailers in our database are divided by the country they are located in.

Per country we present them by ranking them according to their most recent turnover figures. We also provide a detailed profile per retailer. Our database holds more than fashion retailers national head offices. Analysing fashion retailers in Europe is a difficult task as the market is constantly changing.

Even though some international retailers are of great importance, they would never dominate. Our goal is to keep up with all these changes and check the fashion chains several times a year.

At first, this growth was mostly shown by the internet-only retailers, but today it is more significant for the traditional retailers who are combining online- and physical shops clicks and bricks and who are developing alternative shopping concepts.

With regards to fashion, the main online success factors appear to be fast logistics and flexible return policies when goods do not fit or do not meet expectations. By selecting the green button on the right hand side of this page you will get a complete overview of the number of stores per country. We focus mainly on fashion retailers located in Europe representing countries such as Germany, France, the UK, Italy, and Spain, but most European countries are included.

Countries outside of Europe like the USA, China and Japan have recently been included as well but do not yet offer full coverage. All data are updated several times a year. Access to this database can be gained only by subscription.

german fashion retailers

If you select the fashion sector you will see the rankings and profiles on the Portuguese market. The profiles can be accessed by clicking on a retailer in the list. We present the rankings and profiles for each country in exactly the same way as can be seen in the Portuguese data. We do not only do this for retailers in the fashion sector, but for other retail markets in Europe as well. Once you have selected a country and sector, you are presented with a ranking of retailers for your selection.

You can subsequently select each retailer to view their detailed profile. Here you find information on, for example, the address of the headquarters, phone number, fax, management, company website swebshop URL, turnover, banners, types of shops, number of stores and other relevant information. For multinational retailers the address of the head offices in each country is reported separately, in addition to their national head office or coordination address.

german fashion retailers

The data of Portugal are free of charge.Retail-Index is the most up-to-date online database on retailers in Europe paid access includes offline Excel file. One minute demo video. Retail-Index is the most complete, up-to-date and user-friendly online database which lists both internet- and traditional retailers in Europe.

The complete database contains more than retail chains with 1. The database is a highly practical and unique source of information because it displays clear rankings and profiles. These hold key data on national and international retail chains in every European country as well as several major countries elsewhere. Every retailer is presented in profile-form which, amongst others, features the name and the address of the headquarters, contact details, information about its management CEOturnover development, banners, number of stores, websites and webshops.

We also present ranked lists per country based on recent turnover data to provide a clear overview of the different companies, their revenue and current number of shops. On top of this you will also receive an Excel file containing all the information requested and paid for. View latest number of retailers per sector and country in database. View more top retailers. For further information please go to www. Full access to Retail-Index is given against paid 1 year subscription.

There is no automatic renewal. Your access to all major retailers in Europe Retail-Index is the most up-to-date online database on retailers in Europe paid access includes offline Excel file.

The data of Portugal are free of charge. Major retailers in Europe, their rankings and their profiles Retail-Index is the most complete, up-to-date and user-friendly online database which lists both internet- and traditional retailers in Europe. Our database contains European retail chains and is the largest retailers database in Europe. It has all retailers ranked by turnover and also includes the number of stores for each retailer as well as individual retailer profile and address data.

All information will be supplied online, which is most practical, but also in Excel format which we will prepare for our customers without extra charges. Our international research team is looking forward to being of service to you. Examples Price and Order F. Retailer count per sector and country.Germany, Austria and Switzerland are a lot alike when it comes to ecommerce.

There are several big online stores that are very popular across these German-speaking countries. German internet agency iBusiness has made some interesting postersranking the biggest online stores per ecommerce market in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. All data on these lists are self-reported by the respective companies, except for some analyses from Statista and corporate indications such as annual reports and press releases.

The lists also show which online stores enables payments via PayPal and, in the case of the German list, which stores have a seal of approval from retail institute EHI. The American ecommerce giant is also ranked first in Austria and Europe, by the way.

Amazon recorded a turnover of 6. Third place went to Zalando, which achieved a turnover of million euros last year. In Germany, In these categories, online stores with the highest turnover are respectively Notebookbilliger.

You can find the complete poster as a PDF here. Just like in Germany, Zalando ranks third in Austria. Last year, there was top 10 spot for online electronics seller Ditech. It previously ranked seventh place with In Austria, 55 percent of the total turnover of the top ecommerce websites is generated by the top ten shops form this list. The complete top can be found at the website of iBusiness.

Shopping for women’s clothes in Germany

Not Amazon with million euros but Digitic is the number one online retailer in terms of sales. This Swiss online retailer sells all kinds of consumer electronics and by doing this, it generated a turnover of million euros last year. With The complete top can be downloaded for free.

Tags Austria Germany Switzerland. This website uses cookies. Close More info. News Events Company database Ecommerce per country. September 21, by Ecommerce News. About Statistics with tags AustriaGermanySwitzerland.The prospect of this might be exciting for some people but I am not a fan of clothes shopping.

In recent years I have grown tired of wandering around the shops, often aimlessly, in search of a new item of clothing. Recently the Mango store closed down to my disappointment, that was the only shop I could rely on to find something suitable. At first, when I moved here, I struggled to find fashionable clothes that appealed to me, a woman in her early thirties.

Everything seemed aimed at older women. I observed that in Germany, or Bremen perhaps, the women dressed more casual and practical, therefore, the shops on offer provide more laidback, plain and comfortable clothing. As well as the lack of inspiration, I found the clothing more expensive than back home in the UK.

Even once I got used to the prices appearing higher because they were in Euros, I found that certain items like shoes seemed quite costly compared with what I would usually spend. In response, I had to adjust my purse strings accordingly within reason and seek alternative ways to find new things to wear. As my energy to trawl the stores in person plummeted, I turned to the internet to fill my requirements. Not only does it have a vast range of items, home delivery is free as well as returns, which is handy because I spend a lot of time sending items back to them.

I also found that many brands in the UK that I previously bought things from have a German version of their website, for example, Next. When the website loads it automatically takes you to the German version of the site but you can switch the currency and language if you want to.

It is better to order from this version of the site, rather than the UK version because then the items are shipped from a German location rather than coming all the way from the UK, which is not ideal when you need a purchase to arrive quickly. Plus it increases the delivery costs. Oliver and Vero Moda. The outlet centre closest to where we live is Ochtum Park. I have only seen one Oxfam in Bremen, whereas in the UK there are many charity shops where you can pick up a second-hand bargain.

They do have second-hand stores though which offer good quality clothing. From my experience, they are quite selective about what items of clothing they accept. Another place you can get a great deal is at the Flohmarkts flea markets. Often these take place at the weekend and are the ideal place to practise your haggling skills.

Despite the difficulty of finding an outfit in Germany, I know that when I do find one, the chances are no one attending the wedding in the UK will be wearing it. The perks of living in another country. Enjoy your next shopping spree in Germany! Sarah is a British Milka loving, Instagram obsessed expat living in Bremen. She loves exploring Germany, trying new experiences and making new memories along the way. You must be logged in to post a comment.

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